Are you interested in World War II history and in particular Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands? Well, have a look around on this website where you may download an EASY TO USE and FREE software programme to help you with your research... Please note that NO actual data is available via this website... The data can be retrieved from an Internet database with the downloaded software only! All crashes are not (yet) available in the database, though it is gradually filled with more data... At present, the information on 1348 aircraft and 6389 crew members  (of which 1798 have a photo) is listed. These young men who lost their lives, do not cry for them, They are not really gone, you know; It's just a body which they left behind, They will only be gone forever when we no longer remember them... Free translation into English of the song 'Testament' by Bram Vermeulen. © 2006-2017, Jan Nieuwenhuis, The Netherlands MADE WITH XARA CONTACT
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